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The audience was a bit mystified at first, but at the end of the piece, everyone laughed and applauded.

In it, Ms. I left feeling amused but not exactly satisfied.

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The Jane Austen Argument

The Austen family loved literature. Jane began writing when she was about twelve years old. Jane spent her youth in the country but enjoyed an active social life. She regularly visited her brother Henry in London, and her brother Edward, who was adopted by a wealthy cousin as a child and inherited a large estate. In December , Jane met Tom Lefroy, a trainee barrister.

In letters to her sister Cassandra, Jane admits to falling in love with Lefroy. The two were forced apart and Jane never saw him again.

The Jane Austen Novels Ranked

Lucy Worsley and Dan Snow pay a visit to Jane Austen's house to draw back the curtain on the life of the author who changed the course of novel writing and publishing. In this programme we uncover the truth about how she really lived from day to day, explore little-known alternate paths that her life could have taken, and confront the mystery and tragedy of her early death.

In the Austen family relocated to Bath. It was here, two years later, that Jane received her only known proposal of marriage, from Harris Bigg-Wither. Five years later, in , the Austen family was thrown into disarray by the sudden death of George. Jane, her sister Cassandra, and their mother faced financial uncertainty. Help came from their brother Edward, who installed the women in a cottage on his land, where Jane resumed her writing with a passion.

It was another Austen brother, Henry, who took the manuscript for Sense and Sensibility to the publisher Thomas Egerton.

Egerton published the novel in It proved so successful that he published Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park soon after. Noting their growing popularity, she decided to seek out a larger publishing house for future works. Her next novel, Emma , was published by John Murray in One of the first two published illustrations of Pride and Prejudice. She began to find even the simplest tasks exhausting.

The following year, her sister Cassandra and brother Henry took Jane to Winchester to receive medical treatment.