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I may be very wrong on this, but I am lucky to own a couple of NXT bricks, and some of the other PBrick beauties as well. I am NOT a professional programmer, in contrast. Some trick here, some plain vanilla solution there, some advices from others and: BOOM my MOC is actually the most beautiful creation in the world - just for me of course. I am an amateur, self learner, non-professional LEGO enthusiast. Thanks for sharing DLuders, I entirely missed that! We know its not for everyone, but we think we offer a lot to many people.

If you let people learn to do things with an easy to use, fantasticaly productive language, then many will move on to C or Java or whatever Unfortunately there are less and less people considering careers in Math, Physics, Engineering, etc And I find C really, really hard to learn, and more importantly, to memorize - knowing that I need this particular piece of code now and probably never again. The Gurus are probably right: C is the way to go. You know what?

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As purist, I'd say Assembler is the way to go. Once you have all time of the world, you probably can beat the output of a C-compiler with respect to code optimization and performance, at least that was the case in the olden days. Most important to me is: A couple of basic, powerful commands to get simple things going, accompanied by matching documentation. And then, further on: Unlimited command sets for the tough stuff.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. The fact that these features are fully implemented in the language and are ready to use without any user supplied programming greatly decreases development time. While complex programs and advanced algorithms can be implemented and tested with RobotBASIC, it is not the purpose of this chapter to explore such topics. Instead, we will utilize several unsophisticated examples to demonstrate ease-of use so that potential users can more easily determine if the system can be beneficial for them.

The example program in Figure 1 demonstrates how easily algorithms can be implemented and tested. In this example, the goal is to have the robot move to the object closest to it. The main module uses a subroutine to create an environment consisting of two randomly placed objects. The simulated robot is then initialized at the center of the environment.

The robot then rotates to the proper angle and moves forward until contact is made with a bumper sensor. Again, this example is trivial, but it shows how easily it is to read and utilize sensory data.

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    RobotBASIC Projects for the Lego NXT: Robot Programming for Beginners

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