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I think everybody knows how important food is to me and that it is probably the main focus of my life. Food, especially breakfast felt like a dream came true.

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Everything I could ever dream of fruit-wise was there. When you get here, definitely try their two ingredient creamy smoothie made with avocados and homemade coconut milk — it is seriously the best and tastes so rich. Before the clock hits 8 am you will already be fully awake, energised and ready to conquer the world and you will be heading to the beach with the most charming tuk tuk.

The waves really felt like the world to me because I am extremely respectful towards the sea and I was a true beginner to surfing. The coach I worked the most with was Ollie, a Kiwi I barely understood but I still managed to learn the most I possibly could from him — since I was standing up on that board on my first lesson already. I kind of managed to catch that wave and to experience that deliberating feeling of being the one with the wave, I was addicted — immediately.

I was really pleasantly surprised how all of my fears — of deep water, sharks, rocks, stream, other surfers were just gone. Let me reflect on a thing I just wrote — I am a great swimmer, but even at the safest sea on planet, Adriatic, I have that respect towards the deep water. The most valuable thing that happened to me while surfing with the Sunshine Stories coaches is that all of my fears were completely gone, in a split second.

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I would love to highlight the day I was training with the famous Mitch — one of the managers of Sunshine Stories and as well a hilarious guy who wants to be taken really seriously during the surf theory classes. That day was my third lesson and I was surfing on a different side of Weligama.

After failing multiple times, after paddling for nothing I ended up getting hit in the head by my lovely board. I got hit pretty bad, I even got dizzy and I honestly felt like I am about to bleed. And that was pretty scary! But something in that moment just switched — I forced a smile on my face, got even more fearless and stubborn and just started to paddle back. This was my favourite surf lesson of the week.

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After the surf lessons we would be all tired and everyone was just waiting for a healthy and delicious lunch and the most fun and extremely helpful surfing video analysis. After the short rest we would have another yoga session and I found that very helpful in combating a siesta.

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I am so happy how much I progressed in my yoga practice during this week — especially with the staying calm and in meditation. I also learned something new, I got the best advice meditation wise — to imagine I am painting — that I am holding a brush in my hand and painting a picture. And I have to admit — it really helps me a lot to stay focused and let it go in meditation. Surfing was an eye opening experience since at the moment I faced all of my fears — magic happened and all fears seemed so little and were gone and I felt so free.

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I felt so free after I decided to let it all go. One of my favourite nights was traditional Sri Lankan curry cooking class with the cutest chef Bandula. It's really a tightrope walk and a juggling act. You gotta have a sponsor almost…. So why blues and not polka, rock, folk or something else? I think blues music is the punk rock of the modern age.

People did not know what that was. I predictably enjoyed the Rolling Stones and those guys.

So that began the journey and I proceeded to get into it deeper and deeper. I remember the first time I heard the Stones do "Mona. Now where did that come from? So how much is a harmonica now and a harmonica then? And how long do they last?

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I have a bunch of them laying all around the house. No, not really. I have to bring in the entire p. The strangest ones are when they hire you but they have no idea why they hired you. Who comes to my gigs?

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A lot of swing dancers enjoy this niche music, and a lot of young people are hip to see something different. They wanna come out and see people play violins and banjos — you know, real instruments. That might be a saving grace. I could play a four-hour show, hell yeah.