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I was raised to value the pursuit of knowledge of…. What was the biggest change when you made the move from Omaha, Nebraska to Los Angeles? I was lucky enough to move out with a few friends from my high school, which really helped the situation.

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I think the biggest changes were the traffic, which is terrible, and the people. The people that grow up in the midwest are still the best people I've met in…. This shift is in stark contrast to the industry just five years ago, and for Bronx-based artist Maliibu Miitch, she found her sound just in time.

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How did growing up in the Bronx impact your decision to go into music? I used to get in a lot of trouble and when I started rapping, it kept me out of trouble.

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It gave me a little…. While you may remember her from season 6 of Ink Master, Marisa LaRen is far more than just a reality television contestant. Take us through your fitness story and how you transformed both physically and emotionally.

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A healing balm will be provided. Allow your body to heal the way it needs. Therefore, do not rub, pick, or scratch at your freshly done brows. For some, pigments will be mixed for the color to remain true to tone throughout the longevity of the tattoo. In most cases clients cosmetic tattoos stay true to color.

However, due to lifestyle and iron deficiencies, others may fade to different tones.

If this were to happen to you, a color correction formula can be achieved to alter the unwanted color. If you are a swimmer, chlorine can fade a Microblading tattoo. By applying a vaseline to the healed brows will help keep the color true. Frequent chemical peels or the use of products containing Glycolic Acid, Retin-A and Vitamin C can fade your cosmetic tattoo. Simply tell the technician you have a cosmetic tattoo and to put the product around the area. This will help to prevent fading.

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Overall, the fading speed depends on your personal lifestyle. You may need a touch up every years. Those who should refrain from Cosmetic Tattooing. Unfortunately our health can deter the ability of having Cosmetic Tattooing done. If this relates to you, you must allow your body to fully heal and recover before considering a cosmetic tattoo.

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Cosmetic Tattoing involves opening the skins surface therefore requiring a healthy immunity to heal the tattoo properly. MotorCity Cosmetics has the right to refuse service to anyone undergoing medical treatments. It is best to pursue brow goals once Mom is ready.