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They grew up in a large extended family in Los Angeles where the emphasis was on academic excellence, classical music, fine art, and other activities designed not to get them laid. After respectively graduating from Columbia University and Columbia Law School, Jeremy became a small cog at a big corporate law firm, while Daniel became a small cog at Ducati Motorcycles in Bologna, Italy. They are represented at CAA. The Lehrer Boys bring an outsider perspective to their work.

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They have created, sold, and developed numerous shows with studios including Fox, Adult Swim, Maker, and Amazon, and have been privileged to collaborate with talent like Paul Feig and Mila Kunis. This hilarious Mom shares all the crazy parenting stories that eventually became fodder for her own show. And yes, we had a Mom on Father Time. And honestly, it was a breath of fresh air.

One of my fave episodes of em all. Yes, I know these guys look like doctors who know what they're talking about. But, they're not!

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They're actually two members of the world renowned Groundlings theatre company, who often play "doctors" in every show on television. The truth is that they are really funny guys and new fathers and they share the stories of frazzled new dads who think they know everything. I don't know how much they have to offer, except to make you feel better about how little you know about being a parent. Oh, and they're hilarious. Gary is one of the funniest guys I've met in Hollywood and one of the busiest actors around.

Gary and his writing partner recently sold a feature script to Lionsgate. Life Hacks has well over a quarter of a billion views. You can watch their live-action shorts, Snackdown, on Disney Jr. Gary also wrote and directed the animated short, Baby Stache, for Nickelodeon. Gary is very pretty. Stevie D is one of my favorite people in Hollywood.

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His upbeat positivity shines through in everything he does. Growing up in a small town in Kentucky required a lot of imagination for a kid to entertain himself. While other kids spent their days playing sports and doing homework, Stevie D. This could involve jumping trash cans in the middle of the streets on his BMX bike no helmet, of course , or perfecting the art of blow-drying his hair.

Best Happy Birthday Dad Wishes, Quotes & Messages

Hey, he was the only boy in a house with a single mom and three sisters. He also spent a lot of time watching variety shows and secretly listening to Richard Pryor, which he would recite to the amusement of his friends at school although their parents were not so amused. After visiting Panama City Beach on a spring break, Stevie vowed to return there after high school and become a DJ, which is exactly what he did.

With two suitcases and a framed Elvis movie poster, he packed his car and headed to Hollywood.

The search for a suitable career.

Stevie knew there were two things he really wanted: muscles and to entertain people. Chippendales was out of the question, so after a few years of struggling, his sense of humor and perseverance eventually paid off — he was appearing in fitness videos and telling jokes on stage. Unlike a few of his friends, his misspent youth did not lead to a life of crime, and the dreams of becoming a rock star have somewhat come true. At age 44, Stevie was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which is usually associated with older men.

Stevie has appeared on television as a comic and host, interviewing some the biggest stars in Hollywood, before starting his own production company. However, Stevie says his greatest achievement has been that of being a husband and father. Find him at StevieDRocks. And check out his show, The Stevie D Show on actors entertainment. This is part 2 of Stephen Tobolowsky. Go back and listen to part 1 first.

Father Time with Jamie Kaler

He's amazing and his stories are really great. He is simply one of the greatest character actors we've ever known. His credits on IMDb are the most I've ever seen and represent the filmography of most of our lives. And you'll hear why. He is a master story-teller. From growing up in a dry small town in Texas where dancing is outlawed yes, just like Footloose , to his early theatre days, to raising his own children in Los Angeles, Stephen is open and has a fascinating outlook on life.

He has also worked with every actor today. Here is part I. And here come the stories. Murray Valeriano is a brilliant comedian, writer, and human sponge. Lately, you probably saw him on midnight. Once you stick a bunch of hilarious comics in room to talk comedy war stories it is simply magical. Andy is the master of performing unthinkable stunts and making them look easy. From collecting multiple Guinness Book World Records to winning national level car races, to backflipping Big Wheels and getting blown up in a car with a certified madman, Andy Bell never shies away from a challenging task.

Andy loves instigating his close friend and arch nemesis Travis Pastrana, as well as the rest of the Nitro Circus Crew. He is constantly egging them all into performing impossible tasks.

DaddyTeller™ #11: Storytelling Is Long-Term Protection for Your Child.

In addition to his big mouth, Andy's got even bigger skills to back up any challenge and more often than not ends up taking Travis down which never goes over well! A natural athlete with an extensive motorcycle background, Andy is no stranger to riding on two wheels. Before that, he raced motocross professionally from - and was ranked top 10 in Canada for 4 years.

He has appeared in over 30 motocross movies and is the holder of 9 Guinness Book World Records. A talented rider, an unbelievable stuntman, master of stupid tricks, an accomplished TV Host and a successful brand marketer, Andy has all the tools necessary for a successful partnership with any company. Eddie Ifft has been called one of the most underrated comics in America by the Onion and has proudly told jokes around the world to sold-out crowds in over 22 countries. Eddie has been working diligently on his new podcast The Bingle Show, set to launch soon.

Check in with him at eddieifft. Bert Kreischer is a force of nature. One of the biggest comedians working today, he is well known from his Travel Channel show, "Bert the Conqueror", his many late night appearances, his special, "The Machine" Oliver Stone optioned the writes to his life, book deals were offered, and a local Florida radio station put together a comedy showcase with Bert as the headliner.

He then decided to move to New York, to begin a career in comedy. Within the next five months he was offered a sitcom deal with Will Smith's production company, Overbrook Entertainment. Oh and he's a wonderful Dad to two beautiful kids. PART 2! Penn Jillette is one of the most interesting guys I've ever interviewed. Besides his star turn on "Celebrity Apprentice" he and Teller created and starred in the hit shows, "Penn and Teller: Bullshit! But aside from one of the most prolific careers anyone has ever had, he is also a wonderful father to his two kids, Zolten and Moxie.

We talked for almost two hours about so many different things that I had to break it up into 2 parts. You'll get Penn's view on Parenthood and how his parents brought him up. He's an amazing guy and he was funny, open, and really smart. I would've talked for hours longer but he was off to an upcoming TV appearance that I can't mention. He is truly the hardest working guy in show business. Here's part 1. You'll know him best as the "Caveman" from the Geico commercials, but John Lehr is an accomplished actor, writer, director, and show runner.

But today we talk about parenting. The tale of his parents staying together till the kids went to college is absolutely amazing. The story of making 60 grand a week to play a mute is phenomenal.

The Five Beats of Successful Storytelling & How They Can Help You Land Your Next Job

John has been sober for a long time now. One of my favorite story tellers we've had on the podcast. His raw honesty is so refreshing. There's a reason his shows do so well. He's a fantastic family guy now but his "back story" is great fodder for the sit-com world he's helping create. To follow what John is up to, check him out on his website, howler.