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Since the nation-state is too big a unit to try out new rules, Mr. Romer proposes built-from-scratch cities as the ideal site at which new rules and institutions are introduced to attract investors and residents. The host country is required to enact a founding legislation or a charter that lays down the framework of rules that will operate in the new city.

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Predictably, Mr. Romer has come under immense criticism for promoting what seems to be a thinly disguised version of neo-colonialism.

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Poorer countries are urged to make a Faustian bargain: relinquish sovereignty over certain territories ostensibly in exchange for economic growth. However, they do not have the right to vote to decide how the city is run. In a TED talk, in , Mr.

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However, Mr. Romer has been less successful in evangelising world leaders to adopt his idea.

Nevertheless, an editorial in a leading Indian business daily urged the Narendra Modi government to take the idea seriously and drew parallels with the Presidency Towns of British India. Commentators have also suggested that emerging economies India and China can create and govern new cities on their own.

The model of a built-from-scratch city often cited in this regard is the Songdo International Business District in South Korea.

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Lavasa, a city near Pune which was developed by a private company, has been caught up in environmental disputes for many years. Modi when he was Gujarat Chief Minister, have not really taken off. The various investment regions housed within the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor have also made slow progress. The guiding logic is that creating built-from-scratch cities with parallel rules and institutions can drive economic growth.

The idiom building castles in the air first appeared in the s, as a translation from the French. However, the original, literal translation of the French idiom was building castles in Spain. The idiom building castles in Spain was well known at this time to mean something that is impossible to accomplish. Spain, held by the Moors, was an impenetrable force to the French, and not a place one could conquer and build a castle in. By the s the reference to building castles in Spai n was no longer understood, and fresh translations of the Roman de la Rose used the idiom building castles in the air, instead.

Related phrases are build castles in the air, builds castles in the air, built castles in the air. Markets Insider. The Guardian Nigeria.

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The Economist. Kingelez, who produced wondrous urban models with found magazines and product packaging, was not simply an artist who created proverbial castles in the air. The Art Newspape r. Canceled vs. Gray vs.

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